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Contributor to AOL's DailyFinance; a personal finance website.

John started in business with no money, no job, and no credit and bought his first piece of investment real estate at the age of 21.  Since then he has gone on to purchase tens of millions of dollars of real estate.  John also has been involved with tens of millions of dollars of real estate transactions as an agent working with investors from all over the world. He has a unique ability to train people how to start with very little and achieve amazing results.

He is also currently the owner of Perpetual Wealth Systems, which is a national wealth strategy company working with people and businesses on a better business model for automatically and systematically creating tax free wealth.  John has been a lifelong resident of Metro Detroit and puts his years of experience with that real estate market to use for investors from all over the globe.  John is a former top selling agent and corporate sales trainer for the Century 21 and RE/MAX franchises.  He is the bestselling author of the book entitled “The Perpetual Wealth System”.  John is also the author of several training programs on real estate investing and wealth creation and has hosted several live events throughout the year in Metro Detroit, Michigan; where he still resides with his wife and two sons.

Perpetual Real Estate Machine

Here at Perpetual Real Estate Machine, we are dedicated to you and finding your Metro Detroit investment properties.

We've been working with real estate investors from across the United States and Canada for the last 4 years bringing them great investment properties.  Our clients are taking advantage of the low purchase prices while gaining the rental income; netting a great real estate cash flow investment. But, our most important win is making you a happy, life-long customer. 

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