You have the ability to set up what is known as a self directed IRA.  This IRA will allow you to buy real estate and make private loans with your retirement money.  When retirement money is used this way it enables any income and eventual profits from these real estate investments to be tax deferred or even tax free in the case of a Roth IRA.

The vast majority of IRA service providers are not approved or set up to allow you to invest in “non- traditional retirement assets” so you will need a special provider.  We have worked with some of the top providers all over the country and could help you get started with your own self directed IRA.

With your self directed IRA you could also invest in private loans, discount notes and mortgages, tax deeds and tax liens, discounted judgments, Options, Lease Options, precious metals, LLC’s and other non stock market investments. 

Please reach out to us if we can help point you in the right direction.  Many of our clients set these accounts up (yes you can roll over a current IRA) in 30 days and own quality cash flowing real estate within just several weeks!

Good luck in using non- traditional retirement assets to supercharge your IRA account!  We grow our business by helping you grow yours!

supercharge your IRA!

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